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Thankful Thursday: Nestor Garcia

“This is one of the very few places that i've felt that I belong and I know people close enough to me. When I left Mexico and we moved to Minnesota, it was just my family: my mom, my brother, and my dad. So this is the first time that I’ve known people for this long since… a long time. The people I’ve met here make me feel at home, even though home is… I don’t even know, thousands of miles away.”

Nestor Garcia lives at the RCFL Glenwood House and actively, intentionally, serves the Northside Leader initiative, committing to intentional relationships, creative community engagement, and North Minneapolis. Nestor has invested in RCFL and this vibrant northside community by giving of his time, leadership, and heart to the Redeemer After School Program, Earn a Bike with Venture North, and community bread oven events.

Thank you, Nestor, for investing, engaging, and celebrating with us. We are honored to be considered home away from home.

Join us as we invest in and celebrate North Minneapolis. Donate today:

We’ll see you again, right here, as we embark on a regular Tuesday/Thursday journey of diving deeper into the workings of the Redeemer community, who we are, how we engage, and just how we together evolve.

As a place based organization, we celebrate and reinforce the diversity of Minneapolis’s Northside through social action and investment in its people, ideas, and enterprises. Community engagement remains at the core of our organizational culture and the primary source for our vision, strategy and evolution.

The support and partnership provided by monetary donations of all sizes, volunteerism, and in-kind contributions enable us to continue to act as an agent of hope and transformation to preserve a vibrant community in the Harrison neighborhood and broader North Minneapolis.

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