Venture North was founded by a small group of staff, volunteers and community partners in the city of Minneapolis in 2011. Since then, Venture North has grown from a small social enterprise into a thriving community organization offering innovative youth workforce development programs that increase racial, economic, and gender equity.

Venture North is a full-service bike and coffee shop committed to serving bike enthusiasts, coffee lovers, and the residents of North Minneapolis.

 Venture North combats North Minneapolis’ economic disadvantage by employing North Minneapolis residents (training professional mechanics and top-notch baristas), engaging neighborhood youth rich summer programming, and serving as one of the only Northside bike shops. RCFL understands that investment in equitable, self-determined growth allows neighborhoods to resist the push of gentrification, and empowers community development that honors existing excellence and integrity.

How it Works: Bikes

In addition to new bikes, Venture North has a wide array of refurbished bikes. Our North Minneapolis bike shop adds value to old bikes and gives them a second life. Our refurbished bikes start near the $200 range for a basic commuter or cruiser style bicycle. Refurbished bikes can be modified or have componentry changed for a small up-charge. If there is not something that fits what you are looking for, our bike mechanics can also build a custom bike to your specifications. Prices vary and our inventory is ever changing. Please come visit our shop to check out our selection.

How it Works: Coffee

Our coffee bar functions as a natural community hub. The lounge area offers a perfect place to work, hang out with a friend, or conduct a meeting. You might even get your bike fixed at the same time! Venture North is all about supporting locals so we serve Roastery 7 Coffee, an organic roaster based out of Minneapolis! Our baristas will whip you up a latte, cappuccino, frappe, espresso shot... you name it.

If coffee isn't your thing, don't worry, we got you. We also have lemonade, tea, smoothies and other fun concoctions like our specialty drinks! Try our "Glenwood Chill".

"It's like I get to grow here...

I get to be who I want to be, honestly."

— Calvin, former Bike Mechanic at Venture North

Venture North

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