H-Cubed: Facing Fears

The Living Room opened its doors again to H-Cubed’s intentional healing space and open mic on October 27th. The event featured performing artist Ej Easley "Grey Matter" and visual artist Emilie Bouvier. Near the beginning of the night, the attendees were broken into small groups to discuss what we feared the most. In the group I was in, we reached the conclusion that, to some extent, we feared what the future holds for the generations to come. After the group session and a short debriefing, Grey Matter began his set with an amazing freestyle focusing on the fear of losing loved ones, a topic which was chosen by the crowd. Meanwhile Emilie Bouvier, sitting right of the stage at a pottery wheel, placed a bowl formed just moments ago next to several other pieces created earlier in the night. Next to her was a projection of one of her photographic works, an eggshell with an obscured photograph of a distant yet intimate landscape of trees. The image was negative; the trees were white and abstractly warped around the inside of the shell. Listening to the improvised music Grey Matter was making, I felt myself drawn to the photo, staring at it so intensely I felt I was looking through the wall. What is fear? Fear is standing at the beginning of this inversed forest - familiar yet distant and strange – but the best way to overcome this fear is to walk right in and face it. Suddenly, someone passed in front of the projector and the forest was gone.

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