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We believe art is imperative to building and engaging community, telling our place-based stories, and celebrating and reinforcing the diversity in North Minneapolis. Last January RCFL opened its first public art gallery: the Redeemer Community Art Gallery


Devoted to Northside art and culture, this gallery hosts ten local artists with work hanging in Venture North, Redeemer Lutheran Church, and RCFL’s Living Room with gallery infrastructure designed and installed by RCFL board member Dennis Skovsted. The gallery highlights colorful, creative, and powerful work and provides an opportunity for RCFL to invest in these local artists.


Unlike many other art galleries, challenging to enter and cost-prohibitive, the Redeemer Community Art Gallery provides a free space for artists to showcase and sell their work. This space deepens RCFL’s commitment to investing in the vibrancy and excellency of North Minneapolis as we seek to preserve and create community.


During the soft opening of the gallery in January 2019, artists and community members gathered to appreciate the works of art and to hear artists discuss their work at Venture North. As the gallery continues to expand, we plan to host a grand opening in the later months of 2019 to showcase our local talent. 



Venture North (1830 Glenwood):

Longtime Northsider Marlo Ideniye shared handmade resin jewelry that encapsulates tiny photo memorabilia, bracelets, necklaces, and vibrant fabric-wrapped dangle earrings. Marlo spoke about and how she chooses color to communicate emotions, joy and empowerment.


Ian Magnuson, current Venture North General Manager and former RCFL staff photographer and Communications Director, presented three photo portraits including a dazzling shot of a child with a rainbow soap bubble.


RCFL Artist-in-Residence and Harrison neighborhood resident, the Gentleman Artist, Robert Coleman, displayed his latest series of poured acrylic paint on canvas - bursts with swirling psychedelic color and texture. -CURRENTLY CHANGING DISPLAY-


Redeemer Lutheran Church, lower level (1800 Glenwood):

Multidisciplinary artist, Deborah Flye, contributes to this exhibition with black-on-white geometric abstract line drawings that make dynamic shapes out of bold lines and dots. Deborah describes the abstractions as representation and fragments of her inner visions.


Harrison neighborhood resident, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE’s work expresses hip hop culture and personal themes of grief, healing and care, with paint marker graffiti on meaningful found surfaces.


RCFL Artist-in-Residence since 2013, and Harrison neighborhood resident, Katherine Parent, explores sacredness and the sensual with images of landscapes, haloed creatures, seed pods and wells.


Amoke Kubat is a “Northsider for Life”, Yoruba Priestess, teacher, artist, and playwright. Amoke’s art incorporates fabric, text, acrylic painting, beads and found objects. Amoke works to bridge African/African American culture and historical contributions into transformative actions for healing and building sustainable families and communities.


Redeemer Community Art galleries will be on a four-month rotation with the current exhibit up until May. Grab a hot drink in Venture North before perusing the these three gallery spaces.

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