PACE is an 8+ week program designed for urban young adults who desire to develop the necessary skills to shift from seeking a job to building a career. While other important programs focus on job training and placement, the PACE program invests in building critical softs skills that support sustainable and satisfying careers. 

Why this program is needed

The chief problem in the job market is that new employees from different backgrounds (including urban environments) often quit their jobs or are terminated within their probationary period.


The answer to this problem is the PACE program, built on the pillars of social engagement, emotional intelligence, character building, conflict resolution, and being a company person. Young adults need to retain their first job to get early wins and traction. Success breeds success, and we want them to realize that when they deliver excellence at their first job, they can move up and build their career.

How it Works

The PACE program partners with alternative and city schools to identify and assist unemployed or underserved young adults in career development. Through 8+ weeks of group engagement in critical soft skills training needed to retain an entry-level job and deliver excellence, participants can continue to build their desired careers.

Critical Soft Skills

Social Engagement
Emotional Intelligence
Character Building
Company Person
Conflict Resolution

Addressing Inequity

We support urban and minority young adults who face multiple barriers in accessing and sustaining quality employment. ​

We strengthen communities by equipping our participants and partners to contribute to each other's long-term growth and prosperity. 

"The PACE Program is an important piece of how we strengthen ​communities through empowerment. We encourage our participants to become career-minded through dreaming big, setting goals, and building the skills to get there."

-Stacey Jones, Chief Youth Development Officer



Your investment in RCFL helps build a bridge to a stronger future for young adults in our community.

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