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RCFL directly addresses the need for attainable housing in the Harrison neighborhood by providing 26 living units: 16 efficiencies, 7 two- & three-bedroom apartments, 1 duplex,  and 2 single-family homes. Securing stable, affordable housing is essential for the health, confidence, and overall well-being of individuals and families. Housing stability within this supportive community allows our residents the capacity to thrive within community, family, and work.


Most residents come to RCFL with experiences of housing insecurity. In general, North Minneapolis renters have a history of high mobility and housing instability along with disproportionately frequent predatory rental experiences. The growing gentrification of North Minneapolis further exacerbates the challenge of finding attainable housing opportunities. As market-rate rents displace residents and push them further into housing insecurity, low-income young adults and families are especially put at risk for homelessness. 




For some residents, RCFL provides a second chance at housing stability and the establishment of a successful rental history. For young 18 to 25, people who might otherwise be homeless or ineligible for housing, the RCFL Housing and Transition (HAT) program provides attainable housing, social service referrals, and one-to-one mentorship that directly supports successful transitions to independence. With careful attention to the safety and care of all residents, RCFL also provides housing to people with a criminal history as they re-enter community life.

"RCFL Housing program provided me less worry and stability for me. It was a gracious gift to me to be able to afford rent, continue college, and take care of my grandfather."


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