Our focused 14-week program pairs those coming out of crisis such as prison, addiction, abuse, or trafficking with our trained Life Advocates. Following our proprietary curriculum, the participants and their Life Advocates meet weekly to establish a unique and meaningful path to lasting change. 

The committed adults in this program dramatically increase their success in realizing dreams, such as sustainable employment or higher education goals, and minimize their chances of relapse or reincarceration. 

Why this program is needed

People coming from incarceration, addiction recovery, or crisis often need help to move forward: help in overcoming societal barriers, building skills, making plans, finding supportive connections, and recovering their belief in a better future.

How it works

The areas our participants and Life Advocates may explore include:

  • Self-discovery--identifying skills, 

    strengths, talents, passions
  • Examining and increasing change readiness
  • Short and long-term goals for work, home and family
  • Identifying and accessing resources
  • Planning and securing higher education
  • Career sills--resume development, job applications, and mock trials
  • Life skills--budgeting, success behaviors, and emotional intelligence
  • Moving past barriers and feeling stuck
  • Celebrating progress and successes

Empowering Adults

Our Empowering Adults Program participants are highly motivated individuals who have overcome significant life challenges. They come to us by referral from our partner organizations.

Our Life Advocate volunteers join us from the local faith community and receive extensive training in coaching techniques, cultural awareness, and our proprietary curriculum to work with our program participants. 

Once matched, each participant and Life Advocate meet weekly for 14 weeks to engage in a self-discovery curriculum, goal setting and strengthen their problem-solving ability.

"God has a purpose and plan for everyone. Your support helps our participants discover their plan, breakthrough doubt and obstacles, and bring it to life."

-Kevin Saunders, Chief Housing Officer