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The Sustaining Series

Three Part Fundraiser

The Sustaining Series is a three-part fundraiser with specific requests to maintain and improve RCFL's current programs. From May to July, we will focus on fundraising for our three main goals: Youth Leadership, Attainable Housing, and Workforce Development. Each month will focus on a different program in hopes of attaining our financial goals.

We will ask our supporters for donations that will go towards specific projects, including renovations in the 16-plex apartment building, stipends for our talented young inters to continue their workforce development throughout the school year, and additional bike programming at Venture North to provide more free bikes and services to our community.


Impact Story

Here is the impact story

Part two: Youth Leadership

Through our varied programs, from summer camp to Step-Up Minneapolis interns, our young adults graduate our programs equipped to become confident community leaders.

We ask for your financial support to extend our Youth Programs

We Need:

  • $1,000 to 

  • $2,500 to 

  • $5,000 to provide 5 scholarships for our summer camp

Impact Story

Here is the impact story


Part one: Attainable Housing

RCFL offers supportive, stable, and affordable housing to 51 residents. With access to our full campus and programs, our housing goes beyond shelter. Our housing is community. 

We ask for your financial support to update and improve the 16-plex, home to ___ residents. 

We Need:

  •  $1000 to install new lights

  •  $4000 to remove the carpet

  •  $7000 to plaster & paint the hallway walls 

Impact Story

Here is the impact story

Part three: Workforce Development

Venture North Bike & Coffee Shop trains top-notch baristas and excellent bike mechanics. In this supportive environment, young adults learn life-long career skills, build relationships with peers and mentors. We ask for your financial support to extend our Venture North Programs

We Need:

  • $1,000 to run an additional Earn-a-bike camp

  • $2,500 to hire a summer intern part-time through the school year 

  • $5,000 to

Donate in July
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