All in the Circle

We are excited to announce that this summer, in partnership with All in the Circle, here in the Redeemer backyard, we will host The Council of Willow Pond! This is a two-week, full-day, Monday through Friday, outdoor, arts-based summer camp for children entering first through seventh grades.

Imagine Northside community children climbing trees, building forts, digging oceans

and rivers in the mud, creating imaginary worlds, playing hide and seek, becoming

animals, going on adventured, hosting councils, discovering the interconnectedness

of all things, uncovering the gifts of oneself to the community, belonging to the

human, and more-than-human world. This is how children will engage with the

world at The Council of Willow Pond.

All in the Circle is carefully designed to give children the opportunity to fall in love

with the earth and to be co-creators of a culture of kindness. Informed by the

wisdom, teachings, and experience of educators, spiritual leaders, and

developmental psychologists, children gain skills and "know-how" to live peacefully

with each other and the natural world.

Beyond the two-week camp for elementary and middle school children, All in the

Circle engages high school and early college aged camp counselors for the

duration of camp. Counselors attend a week-long overnight leadership development

and training retreat the week prior to the start of camp, are paid a stipend, and gain

valuable job skills through the process.

In partnership with Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, we are committed to raising $10,000 scholarship fund to offer full and partial camp scholarships to children in need. $500 will sponsor the full-tuition of one child. This summer we hope to provide as many as 20 scholarships.

Join us by investing in summer camp RCFL. Make a gift toward our $10,000 goal to send Harrison neighborhood children to The Council of Willow Pond! With your help we will raise sufficient resources so no child is turned away due to inability to pay.

Thank you for your time and your gifts!


Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm

Friday: 9am-12pm


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