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Since June 2018 project manager and artist, Denetrick Powers, has led a panel of artists and community members from North Minneapolis in navigating the concept of "Home" and its meaning. Prolific leaders including ShaVunda Brown, Amoke Kubat, and Nestor Olague, engage neighbors in Harrison and the broader Northside community by asking participants about their personal experience with "home" and gentrification.


This project has highlighted the importance of bringing existing and new residents together to meet one another.  This panel has served as platform for exposing perspectives, stories, and experiences. In calling for community members to actively participate in their neighborhood, At Home in Harrison brings unity to people who might not otherwise take the time to know and understand one another. 

Including community members, At Home in Harrison brings together residents and real estate developers alike for a conversation about affordable housing. It is our intention to maintain the integrity of North Minneapolis while bringing new opportunity to its existing residents. 


Similarly At Home in Harrison has partnered with the Harrison Neighborhood Association in calling on communities to rise to power and take responsibility for the place they call "home." Following a documentary screening, artist leaders moderated a conversation about the relevant topics and questions for North Minneapolis posed by the documentary.

youth development, community engagement, nonprofit 


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