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See Hope.
See How.

You have the power to help us build a greater community. We are a nonprofit in the Harrison neighborhood of North Minneapolis that creates inclusive development.


Our Vision

All individuals and families in the Harrison neighborhood live in dignity, thrive economically, and experience full health and safety.

Our Mission

Advance racial justice and equity by investing in the strengths, capacity, and resilience of individuals and families in the Harrison Neighborhood.

Our Approach

Advancing racial justice and equity

Transformational Housing: RCFL provides supportive, stable housing so our residents can thrive within their community and ultimately attain independent housing security.


Workforce Development: RCFL works alongside youth and adults in our community to help them create and realize their sustainable employment or higher education goals.


Youth Leadership: RCFL's youth programs equip young people to be community leaders through programming that offers a sense of trust in our community and lasting support from peers and mentors.

Core Values

  • Community:​ We value the inherent strength and resilience of the Black and Brown community in the Harrison neighborhood. We rely on their wisdom and experience to identify needs, set priorities, and define how we'll work together. 

  • Racial Justice and Equity: We embrace our role in dismantling racism and use the power of our collective voice and actions to fight for racial justice and equity.

  • Dignity: We uphold the dignity of every person, respecting every individual for who they are and what they hope for in their lives. We create an environment where all people feel safe, hopeful, and valued.

  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration to create meaningful, sustainable change. We embrace our different roles as allies, partners, and leaders in our community.

  • Relationships: We recognize the power of connection and nurture the relationships we develop within RCFL, with residents in the Harrison neighborhood, and with our partner congregations. 

  • Integrity: We hold ourselves to high standards and live up to our commitments to our program participants, neighbors, organizational partners, and the broader community.

  • Place: We know that place matters. We create warm and transformative spaces where people can gather to learn, relax, and feel a part of a beloved community. 

To explore collaboration as a partner, referral source, or a community source: Contact Us

How Can You Help?

Donate to RCFL to make a Transformational Change in the lives of individuals and families.

Your donation to RCFL does more that lift someone out of crisis today. It supports transformative programs that remove barriers while nurturing the vision, heart, and soft skills needed for long-term change. 

Your contribution means hope rekindled, lives reborn and beloved community rebuilt. With your help, transformative change is truly possible. 

Invest in Transformative Change 

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